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Ever asked somebody to recommend your next book? Hopped on Facebook to find out what people are watching on Netflix? Messaged a friend to find out if they know the best takeaway in the area?


If the answer is yes, you already know the power of referrals. So let's start using them in your business.

You already have a fantastic marketing tool right there at your disposal....the people around you. This free guide is going to get you started with making the most of your connections and creating powerful and profitable partnerships.

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All with less stress, less risk and less hustle.

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Hello Sunshine. I'm


Tessa Hull


Your new ass-kicking, hand-holding, bottle-popping support system. After more than ten years experience in leadership and high end sales, I gathered together my experience, knowledge and training, added a few more certificates - and became a Success Coach and Business Strategist working behind the scenes of six and seven figure affiliate launches.


Why do I do what I do? Cos helping business owners embrace their own wonderfulness and weirdness, connect with others, show up as themselves in life and business, and make money while doing it....that's kinda cool no?

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Love this! The content is brilliant and makes perfect sense, even to me who is new at building my network! Love the action items for all levels as well.


Heather Tingle

Professional Declutterer and Organiser

I'm in the coaching space and always looking for ways to expand my reach. I'm super excited to implement the steps mentioned in this guide - it gives me a new perspective on partnerships with people I may have otherwise considered competition. Love this! Thankyou!


Kate Horn

Certified EQ Practitioner

Louise Mason

Marketing Specialist

Yes! I want to get started creating connections and partnerships that profit!

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